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Saturday, 17 March 2012

                       12. THE SARADHI-DR.K.G.BALAKRISHNAN

                          O my dear, are you the Fate
                          The rule, jolt, the Accident!
                          Shall I chant the calm?
                          The turbulent,
                          The still, the tranquil,
                          The Propellant!
                          May I wink thy tint?
                          The Witness-
                          The Catalyst!
                          The cool Onlooker;
                          The Joker;
                          The most expert Player,
                          Too the Manager!

                          Me the odd flying to the infinite;
                          The sky the road;                                           
                          Boiling desert;
                          A feeble breeze I doubt;
                          Or my long the innocent;
                          Thee the ruthless, the fraud!
                          Addressed Him the Rishi-
                          Thee the Saradhi the Charioteer;
                          The inmost In
                          Made up;
                          Figured to the character;
                          The non-playing captain;
                          The Power- the Energy;
                          The Ultimate the Superior;
                          Sum up;
                          The Singular!
                             The Saradhi=the Charioteer
                                                   (Lord Krishna,
                                                     Ref.The Epic Mahabharata,
                                                     The great Bhagavad-Gita.)

Friday, 9 March 2012

                        9. THE MANAS

                      The lotus an’ the lake;
                      The sea an’ the wave;
                      The stream an’ flow;
                      Are alike!                   
                     Woven smooth,
                     Non-dual feel,
                     The sunlight is

                     The notion swirls to the feel;
                     The feel to be the wheel;
                     Wheeling to the ambition;
                     An’ blossoming to the Design!

                     Thus the form, the name;
                     The sphere, the realm;
                     The transient;
                     The whisper;
                     You inspire!

                     The Note, the mesh;
                     Collage, unclear;
                     The flow perpetual;
                     Non-stop; Flair!

                     The flash at times;
                     Sparkle; blink;
                     Flare an’ wink!

                    Twinkling the Star;
                    The Torrent the quanta;
                     Stream, the data;
                     Never at par!

                     The Matter at times;
                     The Power as well;
                     The Potential, the kinetic;
                     The Well, the Full;
                     The Eternal the Nil!

                      The speed that makes
                      The Time static;
                       The day to the night;
                       The dawn to the dusk;
                       An’ vice versa!

                       The guess, the desire,
                       The imagination;
                       The apprehension; the ire;
                       The devotion!

                       The light, the sound,
                       The smell, the taste,
                       The touch an’ round;
                       The ring, the wing;
                       The sanctum, of Fate!
                   VIBGYOR- violet, indigo, blue’
                                        Green, yellow,
                                         Orange, red     


                        8. THE SPECTATOR- DR.K.G.BALAKRISHNAN

                        The dawn crimson gleam
                        The Sun raying bloom;
                         Blossoming the Earth
                         As love musing to the heart;
                         The spectrum veiled but bright;
                         As the feel million-hued worth;
                         The Rishi spelling the Truth;
                         The Scientist spinning hypothesis;
                         The Poet singing fragrant synthesis;
                         Who the Observer?     
                         Composer, the Master,
                         The Rower, the Player!

                         I wonder, the dusk breathing
                        The last drop of the singing;
                         The night dark unkind winging;
                         As the vulture smelling cadaver
                         From the farther shore of the year;
                         The Time the Winner draws along
                         This that an’ everything!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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                   7. THE ICE- DR.K.G.BALAKRISHNAN

                    The Silence the Eternal, the Mute,
                     -The madness cute? 
                    Who would bell the cat?
                     The Rishi, the Poet?-
                     The Scientist?-The Omnipotent!  

                     The hum I muse, me the being;
                     Meek; icy, the transient;
                     The dew melting to be the moment;
                     The fragrance nebulizing
                     To the Note!

                      Who would hug the Contour?
                      The Nil-ness, the Null-ness,
                      The cipher, the Unsure?-
                      The worthlessness!

                      Who would break the ice?
                      My lips, pale, dry an’ dense;
                      The tongue un-clever?-
                      Or my in-the unclear!





Sunday, 4 March 2012

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