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Nascent Poetry: next moment poetry-17- The Blue Lotus- dr.k.g.bala...

Nascent Poetry: next moment poetry-17- The Blue Lotus- dr.k.g.bala...: next moment poetry-17 dr.k.g.balakrishnan Indian poet ========================= The Blue Lotus ========================= The Space; va...

waves: ottakkannittunottam

waves: ottakkannittunottam: ഓട്ടക്കണ്ണിട്ടുനോട്ടം - 1. ====================== ഡോ കെ ജി ബാലകൃഷ്ണൻ ==========================    ഇത് കഥയല്ല കവിതയുമല്ല.ഈ എഴുപത്കാരൻ പ...

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agnigeetham.blogspot.in: Dr.K.G.Balakrishnan-Biography(1944-) Poet,Writer(M...

agnigeetham.blogspot.in: Dr.K.G.Balakrishnan-Biography(1944-) Poet,Writer(M...: Poet's Page Poems Comments Stats Biography Message to the poet ...

Dr.K.G.Balakrishnan-Biography(1944-) Poet,Writer(Malayalam&English)

Biography of dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath

Indian, Keralite.70, Male. bsc, mbbs, fica.Senior practicing Geriatrician. (Former Dy.DHS(nc),Kattoor-680702,Thrissur. Noted POET&WRITER.(Malayalam&English)
Mob- 9447320801;drbalakrishnankg@gmail.com;blog- agnigeetham.blogspot.com Read allover the world.Proficient in Malayalam, English, Sanskrit, Hindi.
TOPMOST POET poetry.com(all time)U.S International;Speaker.
Very popular Indian Poet on International Arena.
Winner -Sargaswaram Literary Award; SreeNarayana Sahitya Parishat Award, Vijnanavardhini Sahitya Puraskaram(Bangalore), Citation from IMA for Literary achievements and so on.  
dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath's Works:5 English titles.Published by create space, Amazon(2013): The latest being 'NASCENT POETRY'-(Amazon, July,2014-Very good feedback.) Books are cataloged&showcased by City of Darwin libraries, NT, AUSTRALIA.
Available globally.Print& eBook.Printed in U.S.A.Released in Australia.Read Globally.Available from Amazon books,
eBay, land mark, Atlantic, Fishpond, Home shop 18, Lulu, apple, barns & noble, and also from all major global book marketing people including India and South Africa.3-5-2014
11 titles in Malayalam(A classical language of India), mother tongue.
Wife- Mrs.Lalitha Balakrishnan
Adv.Gangesh Balakrishnan,High Court
Dr.Jagadeesh Balakrishnan M.D;FRCP,Australia
Adv.Smitha Gangesh,High Court
Dr.Sweety Jagadeesh,Australia
Grand Children
Lakshmi Gangesh,Recipient(First Rank),International
English Examination,Cambridge University-KET
Avyay Jagadeesh -kid
(Please Google dr.k.g.balakrishnan for ref.)
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