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Nascent Poetry (Kindle Edition)
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Nascent Poetry

Dr. K.G.Balakrishnan Kandangath
Year of Birth -1944 (date of birth-24-6-1944 official; 24-11-1944 real) Father- Kandangath Gangadharan Master (HM-RMHS, Peringanam, ThrissurRetired)
Mother- Sulochana Gangadharan
Sixteen collections of poems published
(Eleven Malayalam-Indian & Five English)
Agnigeetham- Vol.1&2 (213 poems) most celebrated
The Waves of the Ganga
(120 English poems) Internationally celebrated (The work was released at City of Darwin Libraries, Darwin, NT - Australia) Recognition- Vignanavardhini Sahitya Puraskaram (Bangalore) Sri Narayana Sahitya Parishat Award
IMA Irinjalakuda Citation
(For Literary Achievements)
Sargaswaram Award
Distinguished Poet Award- Poetry. Com
(US Poetry portal)
Proficient in Malayalam, English, Sanskrit, Hindi
Practising senior physician
(Modern Medicine)
Alumni of famous Calicut Medical College.Christ College, Irinjalakuda, RMHS, Peringanam,
RCUP School, Kaippamangalam
Hails from Kaippamangalam, Thrissur Dist.
At present residing at Kattoor-680702.
Wife- Mrs. Lalitha Balakrishnan
Children- Adv. Gangesh K.B.
Dr. Jagadeesh Balakrishnan Kandangath
Daughters-in-law- Adv. Smitha Gangesh
Dr.Sweety Jagadeesh
Grandchildren- Lakshmi Gangesh, Avyay Jagadeesh
Mob. +919447320801
Phone. +914802877447
E-mail: drbalakrishnankg@gmail.com
Blog- www.agnigeetham.blogspot.in
Now writing poems and articles in leading Malayalam periodicals & Web Magazines.

Nascent Poetry


Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan
Dr. K.G.Balakrishnan Kandangath Kattoor. India - 680 702
Nascent Poetry(Poems) English Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan
First Indian Edition : July 2014
Published by
Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan
Copy right:
Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan
Book Design
Raman P. Namboothiri
Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan
Kattoor - 680 702
Phone: 0480-2875240, 2874735
My Grand Mother,
Mrs. Lakshmi Kunjjikrishnan (Late)

Works of Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan

Samvedanam (Poems) 2006
The Sensibility
Samsleshanam (Poems) 2006
The Synthesis
Thrayam (Poems) 2007
The Triad
Samanwayam (Poems) 2007
The Consensus
Lub Dub (Poems) 2008
The Lub Dub
Layam (Poems) 2008
The Deluge
Varthamanathinte Sakshi (Poems) 2009
The Witness Of The Present
Agnigeetham - Gnanakandam (Poems) 2009
The Hymn Of The Mystic Fire.Vol.1- The section of the wisdom Andolanam (Poems) 2010
The Oscillation
Agnigeetham - Upasnakandam (Poems) 2011
The Hymn Of The Mystic Fire.Vol.2-
The section of the meditation

(All in India’s one of the classical languages, Malayalam)
The Waves of the Ganga (English Poems) 2012
The Hues of the Himalaya (English Poems) 2013
My Muses (English Poems) 2013
The Australian Plant and Other Poems
(English Poems) 2013
Kurukkan@kurkkan.com. (Malayalam Poems) 2014
Nascent Poetry (English Poems) 2014
The facts of mind or consciousness were studied by the Indian thinkers with
as much care and attention as the facts of the outer world are studied by
our modern scientists.
- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (Indian Philosophy-Volume 1)
A word of gratitude
I don’t know how to compensate for the immeasurable affection being bestowed up on me by my golden-penned senior fellow-writer Sri.C. Radhakrishnan. It is his loving pat that gives me courage to write.
Let me express my reverence to my teacher Prof. Mampuzha Kumaran for his care and guidance unlimited in my writing venture.
My embrace to my pal class-mate Prof. R. Jayaram for updating my scientific perception.
My heart-felt thanks to Sri. Raman P. Namboothiri (Director & Chief Artist, Black Swan, Thrissur.) for the stunning Book Design.
My love to Mrs. Daya Suresh Babu (my sister-in-law) for perfect proof-reading.
To Sri.K.B. Chandralal for cute Lay-out.
To my family and friends for support.
My pranamam (respectful obeisance) to my Ilayachan (father’s brother) Vidwan K.K.Vasu Master.
K G Balakrishnan Kandangath
Author’s Voice
MY Childhood Reminiscence
I HAVE been writing poems and articles since my childhood.Also am reading books from our happyhome library since years.My beloved grandmother (father’s mother-Lakshmi her good name) was a Sanskrit scholar and it was she -let me pay homage to her with love and gratitude- who taught me that great Godly Language and introduced me to that wonderful Treasury of ancient Indian Knowledge; which is of course illuminating afresh and NASCENT even today at this Moment; sprouting and blossoming. I was continuing reading and writing during my school and college days.
My father, father’s brothers were all teachers. Father taught me English, Science and Mathematics. It was heKandangath Gangadharan Master- who bestowed everything he had on me and gave me this much strength to think; also to utilize the same in my humble capacity for the well being of my fellow beings. May I gratefully remember my Mother who was silently eloquent in nature. Though not much educated she was, I could gather so many practical knowledge of life from her. Those rays too would have played a prominent role in torching my writing. My Ilayachan (father’s brother) and Ilayamma are still healthy and active at the age of 95 and 85 to make me confident. Also above all my dear Pappan- Kandangath Narayanan and Chettan- Kandangath Ravendranadhan (I feel that he was and is with me from the moment of my birth) are thought of for their caressing pat during these years. My Std. 1. teacher- Anne Teacher- is there in my mind’s depth of greenery. Lastly but most significantly, the wide, deep and cute Vellattumkulam- (the good old Great Pond is dead now)- that inking my quill elegantly and profusely in engraving my “Nascent Poetry” is being thankfully reminisced.

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waves: mindavathalla mindaapraanikalute indal 17-10-2014

waves: mindavathalla mindaapraanikalute indal 17-10-2014: മിണ്ടാവാതല്ല മിണ്ടാപ്രാണികളുടെ ഇണ്ടൽ ======================= ഡോ കെ ജി ബാലകൃഷ്ണൻ =========================== നിമിഷങ്ങളുടെ നുര മദിരയാ...

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MY PROFILE, www.poetry.com-4-10-2014

I am a practising doctor(bsc;mbbs;fica), well known poet in Malayalam literature;(11 collections published-500 poems);write in periodicals since 46 years.First poem in periodicals:in Mathrubhumi Weekly 1966. Also write English Poetry.One book THE WAVES OF THE GANGA coming shortly. Indian.drbalakrishnankg@gmail.com.My blog- agnigeetham.blogspot.com.Also speaker.My poems are muses.Please comment. Now THE TOP POET OF POETRY. COM. As on23-3-2012phone.04802875240.First poem published in school magazine at the age of twelve(1956) My Poetry ========= I am basically a scientist.Poetry is inherent in me.I know Sanskrit &Hindi too. I have gone through the Vedas, the Upanishads, Geetha&all other great works in Sanskrit, Hindi& of course English.That is why my works are esoteric in nature to a certain extent.But to those who get it they get the nectar.There are other types of poems also.I have written about 1000 poems in my mother tongue,Malayalam & about 500 poems in English.My father was a great English scholar. He taught me English & Sanskrit when I was a boy. TOPMOST FEATURED POET(ALL TIME)As on 30-4-2012.TOPMOST FEATURED CRITIC(ALL TIME)OF Poetry.com.As on 30-4-2012.TOPMOST MOST ACTIVE MEMBER of Poetry.com.As on 30-4-2012.My collection of poems "THE WAVES OF THE GANGA" is published.Well accepted.Has won the PIN POET AWARD of Poetry.com. Also won the SARGASWARAM POETRY AWARD (Thrissur, Keralam, India)- 2011)for my work(Poems)- AGNIGEETHAM- THE HYMN OF THE MYSTIC FIRE (Two volumes)- 213 poems- 191+ 192 pages, Rupees 180+180- Lakshmi Books,INDIA 680702.TOPMOST FEATURED POET(ALL TIME & as on 24-8-2012), TOPMOST CRITIC(ALL TIME) of Poetry.com.More later. I-11-2012:- My next book-"THE HUES OF THE HIMALAYAS"(151 poems)is being published shortly by LAKSHMI BOOKS,INDIA-680702.phone- 91480-2875240. e-mail drbalakrishnankg@gmail.com www.lulu.com has published 2 collections of my poem(June,2013 online-e-book)1. The waves of the Ganga 2.The hues of the Himalaya.7/9/2013- My work "THE WAVES OF THE GANGA" has been listed on Amazon Books.com.& now made available in 10 countries both eBook & print.Also my 3ed book "MY MUSES" has been PUBLISHED by www.lulu.com(poems).All works are Google enabled.7th Sept.2013.TOPMOST POET ALL TIME SINCE 30/4/2012 AND TILL DATE CONTINUING UNINTERRUPTED AS ON 8/SEPT/2013.Now(22-10-2013)4 books of mine(eBook&print book)on Amazon.Books are 1.The Waves of the Ganga 2.The Hues of the Himalaya 3. My Muses 4.The Australian Plant and Other Poems. All these poems are listed,published,reviewed&archived on www.poetry.com.(22-10-2013)Topmost poet poetry.com(all time)as on 31-12-2013.Topmost poet(all time) as on 4-1-2014.Topmost poet poetry.com (All Time) as on 26-1-2014) All the above books(amazon)were released in Australia at Darwin city Library on 22-4-2014 during my visit to Australia.I am maintaining my position "Top Most Poet(all time)"with 365120 points as on 27-4-2014.I am very much grateful to www.poetry.com team for these achievements. My next Amazon Work is coming!My new book "NASCENT POETRY"(Amazon)is out!Available globally.Print&e-version.(July,2014(. Now it is read&appreciated by the whole world.Pl.Google "drkgbalakrishnan kandangath".4-10-2014.

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